UK Warehouse Utilizing 50mm PU Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

UK Warehouse 1
Purpose: Warehouse

Location: UK

Product: 50mm PU Seal Rock Wool Panel

BRD company utilized 50mm PU Rock Wool Sandwich Panels in constructing the UK Warehouse.

These panels provide numerous benefits, with their A-rating fireproof feature being particularly noteworthy. The use of these fireproof panels ensures enhanced safety and security within the warehouse, protecting the stored goods from potential fire hazards. BRD’s professional team worked diligently to provide a clear project picture, helping the customer make an informed decision. The panels’ insulation properties contribute to energy efficiency and temperature control within the warehouse.
UK Warehouse 2
Overall, BRD’s use of the fireproof panels and their commitment to delivering quality solutions ensured a successful outcome for the UK Warehouse project.


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