Water Defrosting Series

Frosting Type:
Water Defrosting
Fin Space:
4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm
Number of Fans:
Applicable Industries:
Hotels, Building Material Shops,
Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant,
Retail, Construction works ,
Food & Beverage Shops

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D Series

Product Application Scenarios:

The D series of air cooler is a kind of indoor cooling equipment matching with Freon condensing unit for all kinds of cold room.
As per different temperature, has DL, DD, DJ 3 sub series of production for different range temperature needed.
  • DL air cooler for around 0°C, mainly use for fresh-keep cold storage;
  • DD foraround-18°C, mainly use for cold storage;
  • DJ for temperature below-25°C~-30°C, specially use for freezer room.

Product Features:

  • Cabinet of steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion proof and pleasant looking;
  • Mechanically expanded pipes with AL fins with good transfer performance;
  • Inside are evenly arranged with defrosting heater;
  • The bottom has double water receivers, effective for anti-freezing;
  • Long distance air throw is optional.

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