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BRD Saudi Arabia - Your Local Building Materials Partner

We are your trusted local provider of high-quality building materials. With manufacturing bases in China and Malaysia, we bring global expertise to the Saudi Arabian market.

Our dedicated team understands the unique requirements of the local building and industrial sectors. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, we deliver personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Collaborating closely with regional partners and customers, we ensure our products and services meet the specific demands of the Saudi Arabian market.

Choose BRD Saudi Arabia for superior products, local expertise, and a personalized experience. Let us be your partner in success.


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BRD Main Business
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BRD Main Business
For over 28 years, BRD has been at the forefront of green construction technologies, earning a renowned global reputation. Today, our product range encompasses polyurethane, PIR, rock wool new energy-saving panel series, integrated insulation and decoration panel series, curtain wall aluminum veneer series, and clean wall panel series. These cutting-edge solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including cold chain logistics, industrial factories, commercial centers, municipal engineering, high and low rise office buildings, schools and hospitals, old house renovation, food and medical sectors, precision instrument manufacturing, and more. With our comprehensive offerings, we provide a one-stop solution to fulfill the diverse needs of our valued customers.

Why Choose Us

Secure Supply

We source raw materials from premier suppliers, ensuring consistent material quality for our products. Stringent vendor management allows reliable procurement at optimized costs.

Manufacturing Precision

State-of-the-art production facilities incorporate advanced anodizing, powder coating, digital printing, sandblasting and electrophoresis technologies. Automated precision delivers uniformed aesthetic and performance attributes batch over batch.

Engineering Excellence

Our in-house engineering specialists provide structural and thermal calculations, 3D models, construction drawings and technical support adhering to design codes worldwide.

Custom Solutions

Through ODM/OEM services, we collaborate closely with clients to realize unique product requirements or transform conceptual designs into reality.

Mission & Vision


To be a respected enterprise with sustainable development capabilities. BRD is committed to producing and processing energy-saving and environmentally friendly new building materials through continuous innovation and pursuit of quality. We strive to manufacture green products and contribute to sustainable development.

Core Values:

Honesty and credibility form the foundation. Integrity is essential for individuals and enterprises alike. Whether management, internal operations or each employee's daily work, we uphold the principle of integrity and continually set new goals. Our philosophy is to achieve mutual growth with customers and employees through shared achievements and progress.


To promote intensive utilization of social resources through industrial innovation and circulation. We adhere to green production by reasonably allocating and utilizing raw materials to achieve intensive resource use. We will continuously research and manufacture excellent building material products to reduce the use of inferior materials while minimizing social resource waste.


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