Canada Warehouse Utilizing 150mm PU Sealing Rock Wool Sandwich Panels

Canada Warehouse Utilizing 150mm PU Sealing Rock Wool Sandwich Panels
Purpose: Warehouse Construction

Location: Ontario, Canada

Material: 150mm BRD PU Sealing Rock Wool Sandwich Panels

The design team for a new Ontario warehouse selected BRD’s 150mm polyurethane-sealed rock wool sandwich panels as the primary exterior cladding. These panels offered distinct advantages tailored for the project scope and program.

With a clean, smooth appearance, the panels contributed to an uncluttered aesthetic befitting a functional warehouse. Their 150mm polyurethane core provided exceptional thermal insulation, maintaining a stable, comfortable interior environment – vital for withstanding Ontario’s variable climate and optimizing energy efficiency.

Offering durability, low maintenance needs and cost-effectiveness, BRD panels proved a practical and economical envelope solution. They have delivered long-term protection for the structure while meeting budget and operational requirements. The panels exemplified how high-performance materials can effectively satisfy specialized construction challenges.


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