Respecting Human Rights and Protecting the Environment

We remain dedicated to innovation and continually deepening the management model across our multiple manufacturing bases. This includes enhancing our capabilities in: cost transformation, technical leadership, service-first approach, smart manufacturing, and symbiotic integration. BRD actively explores and practices new material systems of the future. Our goal is to become a globally competitive new materials company and a publicly listed firm with strong investment value. Through respect, coordination, innovation and capability building, we aim to deliver benefits for both business and community in a sustainable, symbiotic relationship.


Driving Continuous Environmental Improvement

We are committed to minimizing environmental impact through optimal resource use, responsible waste management, stakeholder collaboration, full legal compliance, preventing pollution, and continually improving its practices.

Continuous Innovation: The Foundation of Our Success

BRD places innovation at the core of our culture and operations. Substantial resources across engineering, research, production and marketing are devoted to driving new product developments, production process enhancements and customized solutions. Our technical teams explore advances in material science, durability, energy efficiency and design to deliver ever greater value to our clients. Whether pioneering new composite formulations, manufacturing technologies or digital tools, BRD strives to remain at the forefront of solutions through an unrelenting commitment to progress. This dedication to innovation will remain the foundation powering our capabilities and business success for many years to come.

Eco-efficient building material

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

BRD is dedicated to scientific progress that enhances environmental stewardship. We continually increase R&D investments to expand our portfolio of innovative, eco-efficient products and technologies.
Experiment and research

Continuous Progress Culture

We embrace growth through humble learning. BRD never rests on accomplishments, instead driving refinement across operations. This culture of advancement underpins our global reputation for innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service.
Smart operation

Smart, Efficient Operations

Leveraging information systems and automation, we create an environment for intelligent, optimized production. Management platforms integrate digital and analytical tools to enhance processes and support lean practices.
Future building innovation

Focus on Future Innovation

Innovation sits at the core, as we actively cultivate capabilities and apply emerging manufacturing technologies. From material research to marketing solutions, our comprehensive approach propels sustainable development on a global scale.

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