CV Series Scroll Compressor Water-Cooled Condensing Units

Product Series:
CV Water-Cooled
Emerson ZB OR ZFL
Nominal Power:
Temperature Range of Application:
High Temperature(5~15℃)
Medium Temperature(-5~5℃)
Low Temperature(-15~-35 ℃)

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CV Series - Water Cooled

Product Application Scenarios:

Usage scenario: Cold storage, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, etc.
Suitable for scenarios that require strict noise control and have a stable water source.
Main Unit Configuration: Utilizes Emerson ZB or ZFI series fully enclosed scroll compressors, ensuring high quality and reliability.
Designed for high, medium, and low-temperature applications.
  • High-temperature units meet the needs of cold storage at 5~15℃.
  • Medium-temperature units meet the needs of cold storage at -5~5℃.
  • Low-temperature units meet the needs of cold storage at -15~-35℃.

Product Features:

  • High-efficiency shell-and-tube water-cooled condenser with excellent cooling effect and low condensing temperature.
  • Compact structure and easy operation and maintenance. The water-cooled condenser, compressor, and various accessories are installed on an integrated frame.
  • Convenient wiring. The wiring of electrical components (except the compressor) is connected to the terminal block built into the unit.
  • Suitable for R22, R404A, R507A, R448A, and R449A refrigerants.
  • Applications: Widely used in hotels, restaurants, food industry, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and chemical industries.

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