Cold Room Hinged Door

Cold room hinged door panels are seamlessly joined together by means of tongue and groove, they are locked together by cam-lock on each side of the panel to ensure air tight joints. Cam-lock design fastener to install with the cold room tightly and strongly. The cold room door panel with thickness of 100mm or 150mm is commonly applied.

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Products Description

Our hinged doors are crafted with a combination of plastic material and surface metal, featuring high-density environmentally-friendly PU foam insulation for excellent fire resistance and insulation. These doors offer reliable sealing and are easy to install, making them ideal for small cold rooms. Customers have the flexibility to choose between half-buried or fully-buried hinged doors, as well as different sizes to suit their specific cold room requirements.
Common sizes include 700 mm x 1700 mm, 800 mm x 1800 mm, and 1000 mm x 2000 mm. For hinged doors taller than 2 meters, we install 3 or 4 hinges to ensure stability.

Product Advantages

Ensure your safety with our escape system – our cold room doors can be opened from the inside even when closed, providing a reliable exit option.
With a polyurethane core material, our cold room doors offer exceptional sealing and insulation performance, maintaining optimal temperature conditions.
Experience hassle-free installation with our easy-to-install cold room doors, saving you time and effort.
For cold rooms with low temperatures, our cold room doors can be equipped with electric heating wire in the door frame to prevent frost buildup.
Enhance the longevity of your cold room doors by opting for an additional embossed aluminum steel cover, ensuring a longer service life.
Cold Room Hinged Door
Cold Room Hinged Door

Product Parameters

Temperature of cold room -45℃ to 50℃
Application industry Retailing, food storage, medical industry, etc
Surface material of door panel PPGI/color steel, stainless steel, etc
Core material High density polyurethane
Thickness of door panel Customized
Size of door opening Customized
Way of control Manual or electric
Way of opening Left-open, right-open, double-open
Safety lock For escape from cold room
Sealing strip Magnetic strips inside soft plastic for good dealing
Observation window Optional

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