India Cloth Processing Factory Utilizing 100mm Polyurethane Sandwich Wall Panel

India Cloth Processing Factory 1
Purpose: Clothes Processing Factory

Location: India

Product: 100mm Polyurethane Sandwich Wall Panel

Our 100mm PU sandwich wall panels were selected by a cloth processing factory in India for their recent project. The factory sought a solution that would enhance their facility’s insulation, durability, and efficiency. After layers of comparison and inspection, the cloth processing factory finally chooses our 100mm pu sandwich wall panels for project.

Our PU sandwich panels delivered exceptional performance. With their excellent thermal insulation properties, the factory experienced significant energy savings and maintained a consistent temperature throughout the production process. The panels’ sturdy construction provided enhanced structural integrity and ensured the safety of the factory’s operations. Additionally, the panels’ quick and easy installation reduced construction time and costs.

India Cloth Processing Factory 2

Upon completion, the client commended BRD’s panels, stating they provided the ideal solution for maximizing energy efficiency and reliability in their textile manufacturing facilities.


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