BRD Welcomes Overseas Visitors from Qatar

BRD Welcomes Overseas Visitors from Qatar

BRD Group, a leading provider of insulation solutions, is delighted to announce the recent visits of overseas clients to their headquarters. Following the visit of a Dutch client last week, BRD Group had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Qatar this week.

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The Qatari visitors are involved in a large-scale insulation project and require rock wool roof panel. They were introduced to BRD Group through BRD Saudi Arabian subsidiary and subsequently decided to visit BRD’s headquarters for an on-site inspection.

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BRD’s rock wool composite panels are renowned for their exceptional quality. These panels feature high-quality rock wool insulation with a range of thickness options, expertly laminated onto a color-coated steel coil. The steel coil can be further enhanced with various coating options, such as galvanization or PVDF. To ensure excellent corrosion resistance in Qatar’s coastal environment, BRD recommended the client opt for a PVDF coating, showcasing our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

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During the visit, representatives from BRD Group and the Qatari client engaged in detailed discussions about the project and explored possibilities for further collaboration. BRD’s team showcased the features and benefits of their rock wool composite panels, highlighting their thermal insulation properties, fire resistance, and durability.

The visit from the Qatari client marks another significant milestone for BRD Group’s global expansion efforts. It demonstrates the company’s growing reputation as a trusted provider of insulation solutions worldwide. BRD Group looks forward to fostering a long-term partnership with the Qatari client and delivering high-quality products and services to support their insulation project.


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