BRD Aerogel Technology to Revolutionize Building Industry

BRD Aerogel Technology to Revolutionize Building Industry

Aerogel panel 1

Aerogels are touted as the future of thermal and acoustic insulation due to their unique nanostructure. With thermal conductivity lower than air, aerogels can drastically reduce building energy usage. BRD aims to pioneer commercial mass production techniques to unlock this potential at scale.

Aerogel panel 2

Such composite panels provide unmatched insulation while adding durability, fire resistance and aesthetics. They suit applications from residential envelopes to industrial facilities and data centers.

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By optimizing aerogel production costs and properties, BRD targets a revolution in energy-efficient construction worldwide. Partnerships will expedite large-scale demonstration projects, validating technical and commercial viability.

Building energy conservation plays a crucial role in achieving the “dual-carbon” goals. The whole world is vigorously developing green buildings and promoting energy-saving and environmentally friendly green building materials. In the future, BRD will strive to achieve green, low-carbon, and sustainable development with a more focused spirit, advanced technology, meticulous management, high-quality products, and a proactive stance towards innovation.


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