Anhui Warehouse Utilizing 50mm PU Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Anhui Warehouse 1
Purpose: Warehouse

Location: Anhui, China

Product: 50mm PU Seal Rock Wool Panel

A leading logistics company in Anhui needed a high-quality yet budget-friendly cladding material to construct a new warehouse facility. They selected BRD’s 50mm thick PU Rock Wool Sandwich Panel for its walls and roofing.

The PU panels provided excellent thermal insulation, keeping interior temperatures stable year-round and significantly reducing energy costs for cooling and heating. Their moisture-resistant and fireproof properties also ensured the long-term protection of goods stored inside. Installation was rapid due to the panels’ lightweight and precision dimensions. Joints were seamless, limiting air leakage.
Anhui Warehouse 2
After one year of operations, the warehouse remains in top condition with no signs of degradation to the building envelope. Impressed by the cost and performance benefits, the customer is now utilizing BRD panels for upcoming expansion projects.


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