BRD Materials Power ALTON’s New Eco-Friendly Super Factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

BRD Materials Power ALTON’s New Eco-Friendly Super Factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

BRD is proud to announce the commencement of roof and wall construction at the ALTON’s Super Factory project in Johor, Malaysia. The project’s first phase covers a total construction area of approximately 190,000 square meters and will be used for the production of cleaning appliances such as floor scrubbers and vacuum cleaners, aiming to deliver innovative products to the global market with greater efficiency and speed.

BRD rock wool panel project in Malaysia 1

BRD, a leading integrated manufacturer of green, energy-efficient building panels, has been selected to provide its high-performance insulated panel systems for the Super Factory’s exterior enclosure. The company’s 50mm polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool panels will insulate the roof and walls, increasing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

BRD rock wool panel project in Malaysia 2

“We are honored to partner with ALTON on this cutting-edge manufacturing facility,” said Tim Huang, CEO of BRD. “Our insulated panel systems like polyurethane sandwich panels provide superior thermal performance, fire resistance, and durability – the ideal solution for a project of this scale focused on environmental sustainability.”

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The polyurethane rigid foam in BRD’s panels achieves excellent insulating properties with zero ozone depletion potential. The panels’ rock wool core adds further thermal resistance, sound absorption, and fire rating up to 2 hours. With their concealed tongue-and-groove joining system, the lightweight yet strong panels install quickly with minimum thermal bridging.

BRD rock wool panel project in Malaysia 4

In addition to insulated panels, BRD supplied their architectural embossed aluminum panels to accentuate the facility’s modern aesthetic. The panels’ profiles and custom perforations create dynamic light, shadow, and ventilation effects.

“BRD’s innovative products perfectly complement our vision for a world-class, eco-friendly manufacturing center,” stated an ALTON spokesperson. “Their expertise helps us reduce our carbon footprint while achieving stunning architectural design.”

As the Super Factory project moves forward, BRD remains committed to supporting ALTON and other companies in creating high-performance, energy-efficient buildings through their sustainable material solutions.


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