Sectional Garage Door Openers

The Garage Door Openers are equipped with advanced features for seamless operation. With the ability to memorize limit positions and a unique braking system, the unit slows down smoothly at the end of its travel. The soft start and soft stop control ensure exceptionally quiet and gentle operation.

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Product Description

Soft start and soft stop
Safety obstacle reverse
Self-learning opening and closing force
Self-closing feature
Low-voltage protection
Additional options available: infrared sensor, battery backup, wall switch, flash light, pass door protection, O/S/C button.

Openers And Hardwares
Openers And Hardwares

Product Highlights

  • Electric limit switch remembers door position.
  • Reverse force complies with EN12453 safety standards.
  • RF hopping code technology ensures the security of your remote code, allowing separate control of up to 3 garage doors with a single remote transmitter.
  • Wiring terminals provided for infrared photocell and DC24V power output.

Product Parameters

Type BRD120 BRD200 BRD220
Power supply AC 220 V AC 220 V AC 220 V
Frequency 50 HZ 50 HZ 50 HZ
Motor type DC motor DC motor DC motor
Lifting capacity 800 N 1000 N 1200 N
Lifting height 2.2 m – 3.2 m 2.2 m – 3.2 m 2.2 m – 3.2 m
Auto-close delay time 1 min – 9 min 1 min – 9 min 1 min – 9 min
Net weight 7 kg 8 kg 8 kg
Dimensions 495*240*175 mm 495*240*175 mm 495*240*175 mm
Opening speed 5.77 m/min 5.77 m/min 5.77 m/min
Ambient temperature -25℃ – +45℃ -25℃ – +45℃ -25℃ – +45℃
Remote control range ≥30 m ≥30 m ≥30 m
Motor power ≥80 W ≥100 W ≥120 W

Application Case

Sectional garage door, tilt up garage door, sliding garage door

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