Photovoltaic Roof Panel

Product Name:
Photovoltaic Roof Panels
Surface Material:
Color Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum-magnesium-manganese / Aluminum Foil
Panel Core Material:
Polyurethane / Rock Wool / Glass Wool
Fire Rating:
Class A / B1 / B2 / B3
Panel Thickness:
50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm
Panel Length:
Customizable as per requirements
Color Steel Thickness:
0.4-0.8 mm
Connection Method:
Hidden Nail Lap Joint

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Product Description

The Photovoltaic Energy-saving Roof System is a specialized roofing system designed for large-scale commercial buildings. It combines thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and clean energy utilization into a multifunctional roofing system.

This system utilizes a 360-degree locking metal surface, rock wool, and polyurethane energy-saving panels as the load-bearing and insulation components of the roof system. With the use of snap-on fasteners, it allows for easy installation of solar panels to form a photovoltaic energy-saving roof system.

Photovoltaic Roof Panel

Product Highlights

Photovoltaic Roof Panel 1
Thermal Insulation and Fire Resistance: Our composite roof panels utilize polyurethane, recognized worldwide for its excellent thermal insulation properties, as the core material. It achieves a fire rating of B1 level.
High Load-bearing Capacity: The combination of large panels and reinforced ribs in our roof panels, along with the use of composite rigid foam polyurethane, significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity of the roof system. This improves system stability and extends its lifespan.
Photovoltaic Roof Panel 3
Photovoltaic Roof Panel 2
Photovoltaic Integration: The specially designed corrugated shape of the roof allows for direct connection and integration with snap-on fasteners, eliminating the need for drilling and potential water leakage from roof-mounted support structures.
Hidden Nail Lap Joint: Our panels are interconnected using a hidden nail connection method, ensuring a tight overlap between panels. The unique waterproof groove design effectively prevents water leakage, ensuring excellent air and water tightness.
Photovoltaic Roof Panel 4

Product Parameters

Width 1000mm
Core Thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Steel Thickness Exterior sheet:0.5-0.7, Interior:0.4-0.6
Connection Method Hidden Nail Lap Joint
Core Density kg/m Glass Wool:64, Rock Wool: 100-140
Fire Rating A1, B1

Application Range

Widely used in various engineering fields, including the energy industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, medical industry, food industry, public building industry, and more.

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