Long-lasting High Lifting Industrial Door for Warehouse

Application Scenarios:
Automatic Long Span Industrial Hangar Door
Polyurethane foam
435 mm, 485 mm, 535 mm
Normal Color:
Any RAL color
Door designing:
Engineered for long-lasting performance and affordability

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Product Description

The industrial doors provide reliable performance in the most extreme conditions with unlimited sizes, sturdy builds, and efficient operation even at sub-zero temperatures. Their polyurethane panels provide exceptional thermal resistance to condensation and freezing, ensuring consistent functionality in demanding outdoor environments. Doors are manufactured with reinforced frames scaled to withstand high winds and integrate seamlessly into various façade dimensions, while support structures fold compactly above openings to maximize valuable interior space. Custom control options like radio, sensor or pull cables deliver convenient activation suited to each application and traffic flow. Combined with minimal moving parts and durable composite panels, these doors contribute to low life-cycle expenses and reduced need for service through powerful insulation that cuts heating bills. This heavy-duty standard from BRD establishes trouble-free protection for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and other industrial buildings requiring versatile, high-performance door solutions.
Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors Product Highlights

Product Highlights

  • High resistance to wind, moisture, dirt, and dust
  • Reliable operation and affordable maintenance
  • Low life-cycle costs with minimal maintenance needed
  • Minimal condensation and no freezing issues
  • No size limits for versatile applications
  • Multiple textile options available
  • Adjustable electronic control options (triple button, radio, pull switch, radar, induction loop)

Technical information

Technical information

General information

– CE-marked
– Meets requirements of EN 13241-1
– Wind load: any windload
– Door size: no size limitations

– Mildew-, UV- and fire-resistant
– Weight 850-900 g/m2
– Tear strength: 500/500 N
– Tensile strength: 4000/4000 N/5 cm
– Heat and frost resistance +70 to -40 °C
– Best functionality to -35 °C, arctic fabric to -60 °C
– Fabric options: windows, Translucent, arctic, soundproofing, thermal insulation, security burglar protection

Other materials and surface treatments
– Upper console – hot-dip galvanized steel
– Side guides – aluminum profile
– Lower (bottom) beam – hot-dip galvanized steel
– Horizontal beams – aluminum
– Mullions – sandblasted, primed and painted (2 layers)
– Other parts – aluminum, nylon, stainless steel

Electrical system
– Enclosure class: IP54
– Operating voltage: 3×230/400 V 50 Hz
– Control voltage: 24 V
– Motor rating: 1 to 5 kW/motor
– Torsion: from 400 Nm to 4800 Nm/motor

Sound level
20 dB ->

Overhead sectional door

-Standard size up to (W x H):8000×5500mm

-Panel thickness:40 50mm

-Windows Pass-door: optional

-Accessories and Automation:optional

-Spring  (standard) :20000 cycles

-Wind load, EN 12424: 450N/m

-Thermal transmittance, EN 124283

-Full panel (steel) door:0,84 W/(m2K)

-Full panel (aluminium) door:0,9 W/(m2K)

-Water penetration (4000 x 4000mm):class 3

-Air permeability : (50P)32,5m /m /h21)

Product Parameters

Using location Internal &External door
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Control Automatic with remote Controller
Height 435mm, 485mm, 535mm
Normal Color any Ral color
Door designing Designed for the long run and reasonable price
Features Hear insulation, high safety
Sealing With full sealed, weather resistance & well protection & soundproof

Application Case

Industrial doors are heavy-duty doors designed for commercial and industrial use. They are highly durable and offer maximum safety and security for warehouses, factories, parking facilities and more. Benefits include longevity to withstand frequent and heavy use, wind and weather resistance, low maintenance needs, and options for manual or automated operation.

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