Earthquake Proof Two Stories Single Family Light Steel Frame Fabricated Prefab Villa

Main Material:
Light Steel Structure
Wall System:
Cement Board+Rock Woo/Polyurethane+Gypsum Board
PU/PIR EPS Sandwich Panel+Glass Wool and more
False Ceiling:
Gypsum Board and more
PVC or Wooden
Aluminum Alloy/PVC

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BRD Light Steel Villa, a revolutionary housing solution built with innovative, lightweight yet high-strength steel. This fully customizable system empowers you to choose from various new building materials for insulation, fireproof roofing, walls, and floors, ensuring a comfortable and safe living space. Additionally, BRD’s system prioritizes efficiency and sustainability, boasting earthquake resistance, fast on-site assembly, and eco-friendly living through energy efficiency. Experience the future of housing with BRD Light Steel Villa.

Light Steel Villas Uses and Benefits

  • Residential Comfort: Light steel villas offer spacious, customizable living spaces ideal for families.
  • Fast Construction: Prefabricated construction means quicker assembly on-site for a faster move-in.
  • Strength & Durability: Steel frames ensure long-lasting homes, resistant to pests and requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Enjoy reduced energy bills thanks to features like improved insulation and efficient systems.
  • Design Flexibility: Create your dream home with modular construction, diverse finishes, and easy future expansions.
  • Sustainable Choice: Contribute to a greener future with recyclable steel and minimized waste construction.
  • Cost-Effective: Light steel villas offer competitive pricing through reduced labor costs and faster completion times.

Steel Villa Structure

Medium Size Light Steel Villa Prefabricated House 1

Roof System Diagram

Medium Size Light Steel Villa Prefabricated House 2

Wall System Diagram

Floor System Diagram

Medium Size Light Steel Villa Prefabricated House 4
Medium Size Light Steel Villa Prefabricated House 5
Medium Size Light Steel Villa Prefabricated House 7
Note: The material options for the roof, wall, and floor structures in BRD's Light Steel Villa can be easily adjusted to accommodate your budget and specific functional requirements.

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